Los Feliz Square

The Los Feliz Square, “Franklin runs through it.” With an exclusive gated community, Laughlin Park, in one corner and Thai Town North at another, our District B is an eclectic mix of businesses and residences and cultures.  It’s the northernmost point of a very, very long Los Angeles thoroughfare, Western Avenue, that runs all the way south to Long Beach.  Western Avenue, appropriately enough, serves as our Western border delineating Los Feliz from Hollywood. District B is Los Feliz’s melting pot.  With Armenian, Thai and Korean enclaves (amongst others) within it, it’s also home to schools and churches and associations serving these very distinct communities, including a Buddhist temple.  Ethnic “mom & pop” shops dot Hollywood Boulevard and many of the families that run them live nearby.

With a majority of the District’s buildings being built in the “roaring” 20’s,” this area became an affordable option for newcomers to L.A. (read: Hollywood) with a large concentration of multi-unit buildings and garden apartment complexes.  Today, single-family homes whose families have been in them for decades, occupy the same blocks where large apartment buildings see new tenants moving in and out each month.


Hannah Assad

Board Member, Committees: TBD

Term Ends Spring 2020

Catherine Kim

VP Communications, Cultural Affairs, Executive, Outreach

Term Ends Spring 2020

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