Los Feliz Village

The Los Feliz Village, “District C” is where a majority of Los Feliz’s commercial corridors intersect and is almost entirely the area the city designates: “Los Feliz Village.”  It’s a mixture of residences and businesses that give our neighborhood the bustling feel of a big city, without being too big.  In a word: “village.”

It’s also home to a few churches (including a Sikh Temple or Gurdwara), performing stages, movie theatres, schools and our public library.

Whether they’re just looking to stroll around and browse at eclectic shops or find that place they’ve heard so much about, Angelinos from all over the city and visitors from all over the world, usually have an image of Los Feliz Village in their minds before they arrive.

It’s where one can hear an author speak at Skylight Books, grab a coffee Fred 62 or House of Pies, brunch at The Alcove, lunch at Yuca’s, have a drink at the Dresden with Marty & Elaine, or get Monday night’s “family dinner” at Little Dom’s.


Debra Matlock

Environmental Affairs (Chair), Transportation & Mobility

Term Ends Spring 2020

Gina Issac

Secretary, Budget & Finance, Executive

Term Ends Spring 2020

Bryan Cassadore

Board Member, Committees: TBD

Term Ends Spring 2020

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