Franklin Hills

The Los Feliz area designated: Franklin Hills, along with a few more of the streets lying directly to the West of it (“Franklin Hills adj.”) makes up our District E.

It’s home to the quirky and magnificent Shakespeare Bridge and a public staircase system that provides vertical walkways connecting Franklin Hill’s narrow, winding streets.  Built in the 1920’s, these 14 stairways (“to heaven?”) gave pedestrians an express route to the now-defunct street trolleys below.

The Prospect Studios on Talmadge Street has gone by many names since it opened in 1915, but is most famously known as the ABC Television Center, where some of TV’s greatest hits like ‘Barney Miller’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘Let’s Make A Deal’, and the long-running soap opera ‘General Hospital’ was produced.

Brothers Walt and Roy Disney opened their first animation studio in District E and lived on Lyric and St. George Streets, “close to the office;” Mickey Mouse was “born” right here in Los Feliz.

Franklin Hills has varied (and eclectic) architectural styles, including some of the finest examples of Mid-Century Modern homes in Los Angeles.  Famed architect, John Lautner, designed the school complex that now houses the Lycée International de Los Angeles (LILA) school, which is designated a Los Angeles historic-cultural landmark.

Hyperion Avenue (West) is a mixture of residences and small businesses that act as Los Feliz’s eastern border looping around to where Hyperion merges into Fountain Avenue towards Thomas Starr King Middle School.


Giuseppe Asaro

District E Representative, Committees: TBD

Term Ends Spring 2020

Danny Cohen

Webmaster, Outreach, Transportation & Mobility

Term Ends Spring 2020

Siobhan Burke

Committees: TBD

Term Ends Spring 2020

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